Drill Resources

  • Drill Network
    A great site for online drill manuals and other related information.  Pretty exhaustive.

The Battalion's musket/rifle operation and safety certification form can be found by clicking here

Color Guard

Basic Drill

Great instructional video showing the basic steps to "Load in Nine Times": 


A much needed instructional video showing how to stack arms according to Hardee's Revised Manual.  Gives detailed steps and shows it done from different angles:


A brief video demonstrating most aspects of Hardee's Revised Manual of Arms:



Advanced Drill

Moving a unit onto the field by sucssessive formations:


Resources to Help Improve Impressions

Campaigning in the Wet and Cold


Cooking in the Field

A Playlist of 20+ Videos on how to prepare rations in camp and garrison:


Military Courtesies

A very well made video demonstrating the proper way to salute as a Civil War soldier:


Understanding Civil War Tactics

Why did Civil War soldiers fight in lines?

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